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Common Inquiries

All the Answers You Need

Do I need to bring my pet back for the 8 week recheck?

Yes. Most orthopedic surgeries take about 8 weeks to heal. Some may take longer. At your pet's 8 week recheck, Dr. Owen will determine if the bone is healed and if your pet is able to resume normal activity. Also, this appointment is included in the cost of most of our procedures, so there will be no charge unless additional medications are required or requested. 

How Do I Prepare For My Pet's Appointment?

Please provide a safe and secure place for your pet to heal after surgery. Crate rest is ideal, however if this is not an option, please confine the pet to a room where they cannot have access to furniture that they can jump on or floors that they can slip on. A sling may be beneficial in helping you lift the pet when they are getting up and going up or down stairs. 

Please do not feed your pet after 10pm the night before the procedure but water is fine until the time that you arrive. 


Do you offer pet insurance?

We do not offer pet insurance but if your pet currently has insurance, our staff will be happy to fill out any necessary forms and send the information to your insurance provider. 

Do you offer payment plans?We do not offer payment plans. However, we do take cash, checks, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Care Credit, and Scratch Pay. Below are links to Scratch Pay and Care Credit if you would like to apply. 

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Care Credit

What is it?

Care Credit is a credit card that you can use for your pet's veterinary care as well as your own. You can also pay for your pet's services with us online with Care Credit. Click the link below to apply for Care Credit or make a payment. 

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Scratch Pay

See if you qualify today!

Scratch Pay is not a credit card! Scratch Pay is a small loan with a lower interest rate than most credit cards. Apply today for your pet's veterinary care! 

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